Leap Year Day : On the Outside

Today is officially the last day of my leave. After the weekend I will be back at work. Robert and I went to the park, and I tried to get the sights and sounds and warmth of leap year day; a day we get to enjoy only once every four years.

It turned out to be special. The sun was warm, and the sky speckled with a perfect flowing pattern of tiny white clouds. Soon after we arrived, the park started filling up with visitors. Nannies, children, moms and dads converged on two different birthday parties. The children, of course, enjoyed the day best, but the nannies came in a close second. They provided the entertainment, singing African songs in their harmonious velvety voices, and swaying their ample bodies to the music. It was the perfect accompaniment to this lazy autumn afternoon.

Robert was taken with the festivities, and ended up with a full dose of visual and auditory stimulation, and it did not stop at the singing nannies and the running toddlers. There was the busy Friday afternoon traffic around the park, and the construction work nearby. We even listened to the rotors of helicopters and a saw a formation of fighter jets whistling overhead. I don’t know about Robert but I had a great time, autumn is here, and it is my favourite season.

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