Six Months’ Wonder

Happy birthday dear Robert, you have reached the milestone of half-a-year. On this occasion we have scheduled you for a routine check-up at the Paediatrician.

Your measurements on this fabulous day:
Weight 7685g; Length 70cm; Circumference of Head (COH) 42.5 cm.

There is significant improvement from Nurse B’s last measurements (200g increase in weight and 1.5cm increase in length), no real increase, however, in COH. I think you are growing well. You are maintaining your average weight and over average height.
The doctor pointed out that for babies less than 24 months length is measured, and we only start talking about height, at 24 months. This makes perfect sense since infants are not measured standing up. Also, I received some tips and advice regarding feeding, formula and teething. In all I felt that we were doing things correctly; Robert looks healthy and we are all happy with that. I am also happy because the doctor called Robert’s eye colour: Blue eyes, he said, and as of six months the colour is not likely to change.

To end the day, mom made Robert sit for some photo shoots in different locations of the flat. We took our final photo of the day in an avocado box.

At six months you are finally old enough to appreciate the present you received from Jackie when you were born. The chunky little truck is perfect for your little hands and I think that you will have many hours of fun with it. So far, you haven’t discovered the little button that starts the lights and the noisy siren, so mom and dad still think it is fun to turn it on now and then, and watch your reaction.