Why Loskop?

Loskop is a South African expression from Afrikaans. It  literally means “loose head” and refers to a person who is absent-minded and forgetful. In other words a scatter-brain.

When I started this blog, I thought the title fit me, because I rushed through my days, trying to balance a full-time job with the responsibilities of a one-parent household. And I felt that I let many things slip, but tried to laugh at myself in the process.

I am still scatter-brained sometimes. Too many thoughts compete inside my head, and too many interests occupy my time. But as the years passed I have learned to navigate changes, and accept both my strengths and weaknesses.

It has been many years since I believed that I was truly a loskop, but I am keeping the moniker, because it has stuck now. It is a good thing that I diligently researched it when I started the blog over a decade ago. These days searches for the meaning of this obscure term bring more visitors to my site than the quality of the writing. If you are one of these searchers, and have read this far, I thank you and invite you to check out one of my latest posts.

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