Why My Son Doesn’t Wear Handknit

There are reasons why I do not produce much hand-knit material, and I have very little to show for it once the I actually finish an object.

When Robert was born I knitted him a jacket, it ended up getting stolen from my ex’s car along with the baby backpack I received from Cape
Town Mediclinic, a baby bottle, a board book and other baby paraphernalia. Last week I did finish a sweater for Robert, it was lying there awaiting completion since September. In fact it traveled with me to Germany and back, and was just missing half a sleeve. I finished it even in the middle of a rush translation project because I wanted to make sure that he gets to wear it as the weather gets cooler. The sweater was a little on the small side – the pattern was for a one-year-old not 18 months +, but I had elaborate plans of blocking it or even unravelling it from the bottom and knitting longer ribbings. My plans did not come to pass, and the sweater was worn for TWO times only.  I forgot that it was not 100% acrylic and put it in the washing machine along with other synthetics. When it came out it was felted and shrunk beyond recognition. The heat was not an issue I think but rather all the spinning and agitating. Now it has been put away out of sight, I am not even sure whether I can give it away to a smaller baby, I am too upset to even have a second look.

Now like its predecessor the cardigan all that is left are photos. Shame, because I liked the sweater so much, it matched Robert’s eyes perfectly.

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