Wildlife on my Doorstep

I found this creature today on my doormat

Its colour is definitely real and it has this strange circles on its back that look like eyes. I have no idea what type of caterpillar this is but I showed it to Robert and he was amused.  This thing however had an unamusing end to its life because when I threw it back in the garden my cat Petey took interest in it and started “hunting” it in the fashion of wild cats.  I did not investigate the outcome.

I have a tendency to think of caterpillars as gross an uninteresting, even though I read the “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” as a child and empathized with him/her ( I read the German version of that book, where the caterpillar is a girl : “Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt“).  But obviously they come in all shapes sizes (and colours).  This green one reminded me of the one I saw in Dominica

It is nice to know that I do not need to travel to the end of the world to see this type of wildlife.