Making Assumptions

Assume is making an ASS out of U and ME.  Well it turned out that I owe the Post Office an apology. My mother was the one who took out the item from the package because it came over 1kg. As much as I am happy about this I am ashamed at my rush to judgement.

The possibility did occur to me at some point, and although I am usually a trusting person who does not make accusations lightly,  I was influenced by my state of mind. I also have a deep-rooted mistrust of the Post Office which really had a bad reputation here in South Africa, and even a worse one in my country of origin. I haven’t lost any items in the post since I came to South Africa but my ex husband and I were victims of  fraud back in Johannesburg,  which was done most probably through intercepting mail statements.

A lesson learnt: Always be patient to do not make assumptions or jump to conclusions, there is always a possible benign interpretation.  My faith in the post office has been restored -somewhat- because despite the delays and frequently bad service things do arrive eventually.