Aborted Attempt at Crunch Time

I arranged today for Robert’s father to look after him while I attempted to get my visa to Germany, and as usual I was ill prepared for the requirements.

I had thought that I would get the invitation letter to them at a later stage and the medical insurance as well, but they needed upfront  (obviously duh). The main problem, however, was that I needed a letter from Robert’s father approving his departure on holiday with me. I never thought that I would need such a thing, as I had sole custody of my son… ah well

Unfortunately, this means that I have to ask Robert’s father to look after him again this week, maybe  next Wednesday when I have time off, but that is precisely at the last second, because the visa takes 48 hours (until Friday) and I am planning to leave early on Monday, so hopefully there are no more snags on Wednesday.

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