So Much Happening

It seems so much is happening I can hardly keep up. I got my computer yesterday. The good computer guru delivered it to my work, and one of my colleagues offered to give me a lift home, which saved me from calling a cab.  So I got my computer home in the rain (again) and had to wait until today to fire it up for fear of shorting one of its sensitive circuits. Today it started and looks that I haven’t lost anything, thank god.  I still need many hours to put back all my applications and little programs back.

In the meantime things are slowly getting organized at home, a few days ago I came home to find a lighting fixture has been hung up in the inside sleeping area, and the landlord sent a carpenter to measure for a sliding door. It would be great if this door is done before I go on holiday because in this rain the French doors have swollen and cracked and I cannot close them anymore. Lucy usually jams it closed with a piece of newspaper, and I have taken to doing the same thing.

I have almost lost track of Robert’s development in all this rushing. A few days ago he cut another upper tooth, and started serious communication. He now points at the things he wants and says about half a dozen words (one of them is cat of course). Sometimes he starts babbling long sentences that are only understandable to him. He is also showing some emotions finally, and blowing kisses to Lucy when she says goodbye.

In the next few days I will be even busier if I want to make my surprise visit to my parents overseas. This plan started long ago, and it is taking very long to take shape.  I still haven’t made any serious steps to obtain a visa, but I am used to getting everything done at the last minute.