Slowly Getting… furnished?

Today is my first day off since moving to the new place. Apart from my still very dead computer things are starting to get somewhere.

Yesterday Robert and I did not venture anywhere before my time at work, so today was another busy day between the shops and organizing. I cooked my first meal and bought my first bottle of wine.

Robert and the cat are getting used to the place. Robert now runs around in the apartment and even starting to expand his interest to outside, under my careful supervision of course, because I still cannot trust him with the steps and there is the awful sumpy swimming pool with its frayed cover, not the ideal setting for curious toddlers.

I made an impulse buy today, my first expensive piece of furniture for the new place. another round table, from the same second hand furniture place where I bought my previous one two years ago.  I guess I am still sore at losing it to Ron so I bought another similar one, and spent double the price of the old one. But it feels great to start furnishing and to return the landlord’s old cane table, which looked as if it was about to collapse.

I did not mention this before  but a few days before I moved I talked to a colleague, and discovered that he stayed in the very same block where I am now living and he warned me that the landlords are terrible and told me not to trust them on anything, so it gave me a little bit of a start to be moving from under one set of greedy landlords into another nest of vultures, but it was too late to back down after I committed and paid a deposit.  So since I was warned I decided to return every piece of furniture and equipment they gave me,  because I was afraid they would make me pay for it in the end. It wouldn’t do for me to have half-broken stuff, because Robbie would certainly break it completely,  and the new table is sturdy enough for him, and that is great.

Next on the list of problems is sorting out the PC and I have made arrangement with Jenny to give me a lift to take the computer to its father (the very friendly man who built it for me and who still maintains it after almost three years). To make Jen’s time worthwhile I made an appointment at the clinic for Robert’s immunization before taking the computer to maintenance.

So there is some progress, and I was hoping to have dinner on my new table and crack open some wine in celebration, but I was finished as usual by the time Robert settled to sleep and I fell asleep too before opening the wine.