Good Omens

I probably met my new lanlords today. I finally got hold of the person who posted the ad for the flatlet on Gumtree and made an appointment to see him this morning.

The flatlet was annexed to the back of the building,  overlooking the back garden and a pool that has been out of order for very long time, by the look of the green sumpy water under the netting. This was an immediate source of worry for me, but the man vaguely commented that it will be covered up in the future.  The flatlet itself was one large rectangular room that ran over 10 meters deep with the french doors to the garden its only source of light. I registered that it had a small bar fridge, and a bathtub in the tiny bathroom, and both were definite advantages for my situation.  I saw the potential of the garden for Petey and Robert, and the other problems I thought I would be able to deal with in time. My expectations were so low that neither the dirty carpeting nor the non-standard layout bothered me much. I just told the man that I will take it, starting next month. I asked him what he required to guarantee me the flat for the coming month and he asked for a one month deposit.

I left him with my email and he promised to email me the banking details, and I was so anxious to close the deal that I texted him after a few hours asking for them again, and I paid the deposit immediately.  Perhaps the place is not perfect but I accepted several good omens : There were many cats, and a woman carrying a toddler welcomed us into the complex (later I learned that she is actually the landlady), so I am happy that it is the right place for all three of us. I cannot believe that Robert, Petey and I will soon have our own place, but I will believe it when we sign on the dotted line.

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