Bad Omens

I have been keeping mum about my plans of moving out. The timing never seemed right for one thing, and for another I only received a contract yesterday and I am still waiting to deliver it on my off day.

So between Jackie’s tiresome friends and their appearances at odd hours, and my own feeling of guilt, I have been interacting less and less with Jackie, and yesterday I felt really bad when she came home sick as a dog. Apparently she has been vomiting all day, and feeling terrible. I felt sorry for the woman, of course, but later started to worry whether her ailment was something contagious that might harm my child, so I kept myself away from the areas where she was sick.  Her situation did not improve this morning and she managed to drive herself to hospital, taking along an overnight bag just in case she was admitted. She texted me later saying that she will not be back tonight, and was undergoing further tests. Poor Jackie had her fair share of hospital stays as she suffers various ailments that may or may not be a result of her overweight.

Now I have the double guilt of plotting to leave while the woman is sick. And I also have to contend with my uncharitable thoughts and worry that she might have something horrible like meningitis. I keep telling myself that I wouldn’t have minded if I did not have a small baby to think about but I still feel terribly uncharitable. I hope her sickness does not last very long.

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