Looking for a New Home

Living at Jackie’s is starting to get on my nerves. For one I think I am paying too much in rent and other expenses, and for the other I am starting to get fed up with her lifestyle and the people whom she chooses to invite into her (our) home.

I was speaking to Britt today on the phone and lamenting my situation when she said that perhaps I should look for a garden cottage in  our area. This possibility never occurred to me because I always thought there aren’t many houses in Sea Point and only very few have separate granny flats. However on my break from work today I went into www.gumtree.co.za and looked around a bit for things that are within my price range on this side of the mountain.  Imagine my surprise when I found what looked just like the right place : Pet friendly flatlet in a secure block, and the rent is only R500 more than what I pay at Jackie’s. Immediately I emailed the poster of the ad and noted his cell number.

I was too impatient to wait for an email response, I phoned a few hours later.  The good news was that the flat was still avialable, the bad news was that I will only be able to view it on Monday.  I hope it is the right place, and I hope to be able to take it starting next month.

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