A Little Crazy

I dropped off Robert at the day care, and because I had a few hours to kill I stopped with my laptop at a coffee shop that has a free wi-fi zone. I was totally out of place with the beautiful rich people, killing time and sipping coffee, but at least my laptop measured up. In my rush to pack up my laptop upon leaving home I forgot to equip my son’s schoolbag with nappies, everything comes at a price.

At eleven I had an appointment to look at the only flat I found in my price range AND in my area of interest. I Just wanted to reassure myself for a final time before I paid a deposit. As usual the place is not perfect but has some advantages over the one we live in right now. I went home and did the banking, paid a deposit then went for another appointment to view furniture being sold by a work colleague, I agreed to buy.

At about half past one I made my way under drizzling rain to pick up Robert from day care then onwards to the company garden where I had arranged to meet and spend an afternoon with my new friend D and her son, who is four years old.

We made a pretty picture, two women with similar colouring, two kids, one blond one with dark tightly curled hair, and no men in sight. D is also a divorcee so we had a few laughs comparing our situations.

The sun obliged and came out after we arrived at the gardens and the kids got to feed the squirrels and the pigeons. Robert mostly held on to the packet of peanuts and ate them himself until a cheeky little squirrel went up on its hind-legs and clambered up on his shirt trying to reach the little plastic bag held firmly in my boy’s fist. Robert was so surprised he dropped the packet and started howling… the image was worth a picture, but I was of course too surprised to capture the moment. D was quick to pick up Robert and comfort him, but his distress was mostly because he thought he lost the peanuts forever, and all was well when he reclaimed them. We made it as far as the museum, by way of statues of colonialists, bird cages and Koi ponds without Koi, and we ended the day at McGrease with two burgers, two happy meals and two very hyper kids, then D went with her son to catch the train while I half dragged half carried Robert to the minibus taxi stop.

I will be moving by the end of next week, but until now I have not arranged a moving team or packed a single item.  But I arranged to spend the day tomorrow with another friend Jen, who will be bringing my boxes. I will also meet the owner of the furniture to give her a down payment. The money is going through my fingers like crazy, and I feel somewhat crazy myself.

We never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy, and nobody says it better than my friend Alanis.

Looking for a New Home

Living at Jackie’s is starting to get on my nerves. For one I think I am paying too much in rent and other expenses, and for the other I am starting to get fed up with her lifestyle and the people whom she chooses to invite into her (our) home.

I was speaking to Britt today on the phone and lamenting my situation when she said that perhaps I should look for a garden cottage in  our area. This possibility never occurred to me because I always thought there aren’t many houses in Sea Point and only very few have separate granny flats. However on my break from work today I went into www.gumtree.co.za and looked around a bit for things that are within my price range on this side of the mountain.  Imagine my surprise when I found what looked just like the right place : Pet friendly flatlet in a secure block, and the rent is only R500 more than what I pay at Jackie’s. Immediately I emailed the poster of the ad and noted his cell number.

I was too impatient to wait for an email response, I phoned a few hours later.  The good news was that the flat was still avialable, the bad news was that I will only be able to view it on Monday.  I hope it is the right place, and I hope to be able to take it starting next month.