Easter Fun on Roosevelt Island

On Saturday Robert met the Easter Bunny on Roosevelt Island. We got together with one of his pre-k friends and her mom, and we had some fun. Fortunately the weather held for the day.

The Easter Egg Hunt itself lasted only for a minute or so. The organizers had strewn the lawn with plastic eggs, filled with small toys and stickers. The kids swarmed over the stretch of lawn and picked it clean in the blink of an eye.

There were other activities after the “hunt”. Our kids had their faces painted, got to ride in the back of a police van and met a police dog called Achilles. Of course the most important event was taking a photo with the Easter Bunny. After the photo the kids put their heads together and started whispering, when pressed by us moms to tell what’s up. Robert came to me and whispered: “The Easter bunny is a man with bald hair (sic) and glasses”. So it was not the real Easter Bunny after all.

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