New Tricks

When Robert’s dad dropped him off yesterday, he said : “Do you know that Robert can now walk if you hold onto his hand?”. I don’t know how he thinks that I would miss something like that when I live with my son 24/7. Meanwhile he gets to see him perhaps once a week, and he misses out on many new things.

Robert loves music and dancing and I took videos of him dancing and bouncing to the music, he relates to rock and rap and to any fast tune with lots of rhythm. Since his visit at W’s he figured out how to play with his stacking rings. During the day he crawls around to every corner of the house discovers what is hidden around corners, inside cupboards, waste baskets, nappy bucket, cat’s food bowl, and garbage. His favourite places are the kitchen and the bathroom. In the kitchen he rummages around Jackie’s cupboard, pulls out pots and pans, and bottles, while in the bathroom he works on the changing table and rearranges the bottles, the jars and the linen. It is very amusing, even though I need to put things back again as soon as he is done.
He isn’t walking yet, but he can move very quickly from place to place if he has something to hold on to. Recently he has started to move alongside walls, he can also pull himself up onto Jackie’s bed, especially when he sees an “abandoned” cell phone or a remote control.

Sometimes I can almost believe that Robert is a very smart child. He imitates me very quickly when I make a smack kissing noise, or a click of a tongue. He also talks all these funny languages and pronounces Arabic, and Xhosa sounding syllables – yes I am delusional. Today after I finished bathing him I took the plug out of the bath and started to put his clothes together before taking him out of the warm water. He saw me doing this and picked up the plug and tried to put it back in the drain. I suppose he did not want to go out of the bath that quickly. Perhaps he is a genius after all.

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