Making the Most of Messy Life

I found out that I have become somewhat of a bitchy person. There is always something for me to moan and complain about, I hope this is just a symptom of my difficult circumstances at present, because I am sure I do not want to drag this persona along a long time, it is very draining.

Deep down, however, I am grateful for the little rays of sunshine that grace my life, be they real or metaphoric. I try enjoy and capture the developments of my son, and we both enjoy getting out and relating to nature, other babies, people or animals.

Here are some random pictures of our life this month:

Two little boys having a nap on my bed.

Robert climbing up the stroller and surveying the territory from above.

Robert meets a girlfriend on the beach front. “Nonzi” was born within a week of Robert’s birth date, she is the daughter of a German colleague and his South African girlfriend.

Robert the philosopher, watching a particularly striking sunset.

Robert the scientist, examining (and tasting) different types of shells and sand.

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