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The Amazing Development of Language

Robert is amazing me with his rapidly developing verbal skills. The development is very quick even on the pronunciation side. A few days ago he pronounced bucket correctly; where he had been calling it bakkie so far (and this is … Continue reading

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New Tricks

When Robert’s dad dropped him off yesterday, he said : “Do you know that Robert can now walk if you hold onto his hand?”. I don’t know how he thinks that I would miss something like that when I live … Continue reading

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Random Musings / Taking the Fun out of Blogging

The past few days have been a mixed bag of happy, scary and thought provoking events. On Friday my friend Britt took us to the Aquarium, and she gave me a year’s membership card as a present, which I thought … Continue reading

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Seven Months: Moving Quickly

I forgot to take pictures for Robert’s seventh month birthday. A lot of stress is going on in our lives at the moment and that is why it is hard to keep track of simple pleasurable things. However, I am … Continue reading

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