Another Tooth and No Trouble

Yesterday Jackie told me that Robert must have cut an upper tooth. She realized that because he gave her quite a sore bite on her arm. On closer examination it is confirmed that Robert has one of his upper incisors already out. The good thing is that he did not have or give too much trouble with this tooth. His teething, we hope, will be uneventful from now on.

Last night we had company for dinner. The last time I saw Jason and Fiona was at he hospital where Robert was born. Nine months later they are newlyweds and very much in love, while I am a recovering divorcee . When Robert was born Jackie came also to visit with her boyfriend, she broke up with him shortly before I moved in with her; life is really strange. Jackie is still trying to find Mr. Right, but speaking for myself, and after nine years of living with Mr. Wrong, I am calling off the search.

A Good Hair Day

I came home from work to see the girls (Jackie and Rochelle) straightening each other’s hair. Rochelle insisted that she wanted to see me with straight hair, and Jackie has been threatening to do this to me for a very long time as well, so I relented. The result was what you see here. I haven’t had my hair straight in a long long time – perhaps four or five years. I noticed with dismay that my hair has become so much thinner and there is hardly enough to make a proper braid. One more reason why I should perhaps stop breastfeeding and give my body a break, but I do not have the heart to do it. I enjoy the close bond with my son.