The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

I took Robert today for his first ride on the bus. We went to the V&A Waterfront. It was a breeze getting there and back, especially since we lucked out by catching the bus quickly both ways.

I am getting better with the routine of folding and unfolding the buggy; it is also a great way to meet some gallant men who kindly offer to help. We spent some time in the Aquarium, we looked at fish, shark, stingrays and penguins. The visit to the aquarium will always be a little bittersweet for me, because all the underwater life reminds me of my ex, who was once a keen diver. I believe that he experienced his happiest and most peaceful moments while doing deep sea diving. Maybe it is because fish are mute and silent; they don’t talk back, and do not require or offer any interaction. The closest I came to diving was when we snorkeled off the coast of Dominica, in Champagne Beach and in Scott’s Head, it was beautiful. But I think I would be freaked out by the darkness and silence of deep water diving. As Robert grows more aware I think he will grow to love the aquarium. He was watching with interest some of the displays, especially the bigger fish, and he wrinkled his nose at the smelly penguins.

After our tour around the displays, I treated myself to lunch, and finished with a dessert of chocolate cake. I felt I deserved an early birthday treat. Robert got a lot of entertainment in the play area, where the young attendant took a liking to him and helped him use the baby slide. Later I  tramped around the mall some more while Robert slept and bought myself a backpack. I am going to use the pack as a baby bag, to store Robert’s bottle and supplies when we go out. Now we are ready to hit the road. Robert will have to get used to long rides in the buggy, getting on the bus, and the minibus taxi. He actually loved sitting high up in the bus, and when I sang to him “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round” he gave me a big grin, maybe he got the joke.

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