The Blog is Dead… Long Live the Blog

Again dear blog it has been over a year (maybe even a couple of years) since I last communicated with you. This shows how swamped I have been with everyday life and how little time I can devote to any form of creative endeavor. It is also a demonstration of fear and apathy. The fear of speaking my mind coupled with my apathy at what is happening in the world and the near certainty that my opinion does not matter.

Even while I write this I am tempted to trash the post and go read something useful or even vegetate in front of the television. What will my opinions do now except land me in hot water? I doubt that many people in my acquaintance would like my opinions of politics, religion, society, parenting and the workplace. I have also collected a couple more “frenemies” since I have posted here last.  So why do I rehash, this dead blog spot?

It is simple. I have been reminded recently that I should pay the regular amount I set aside every year to keep this “domain” and I have to justify to myself the few dollars that I am spending to maintain it each month. Surely, it shouldn’t be a total write-off.  So I am taking a deep breath and stepping on my soap box again.

If you are a “frenemy” of mine, please desist of using this material against me at work, or in any conservative haunt, otherwise I will bestow my wrath upon you and you will be turned into a toad upon reading any further. STOP HERE. You have been warned.

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