Mom and Son Day

Yesterday I battled against another translation deadline, and my efforts in the past two days with this urgent translation ran my body down and I ended up with a terrible case of the flu.

I was excused off my day job for being sick but deadlines know no mercy, and the job had to be out by yesterday afternoon. I was totally exhausted by the time I picked up Robert from school, and I missed out on a beautiful warm autumn afternoon, I simply had no energy to get out with him.

This morning we both woke up refreshed, I think we clocked about 13 hours of sleep. The weather was cloudy and drizzly but we still got out. I visited Lucy at Jackie’s place, and saw her granddaughter Bulelwa there too. I was prepared to talk to Jackie had she been at home, but perhaps it was just as well she wasn’t. Later we went to the shops and I finally bought sunglasses instead of the pair that got broken last year on boxing day. Now I am sure there will be very few days of sunshine in Cape Town. I also bought some hair accessories, plastic bands that hold my hair in place if I want to keep it loose. My ex husband used to hate them and my son broke every single one I had so far so maybe he agrees with him.  One last thing that I treated myself to was lavender foam bath. I know I never was a bath person, but I developped this new love for scented foam baths, and it is also adds a lot of fun to having a bath with Robert making a lot of bubbles and foam.

The shopping trip put Robert to sleep and since I was feeling hungry I treated myself to a burger at a nearby family restaurant. During the meal Robert woke up and had a bite of my burger, and took a liking to my bean salad, which incidentally was also my favourite; he at every single kidney bean, perhaps he was attracted by their purple color.  I should perhaps go more often to this burger place, they have a play area where facepainting is done, and kids get baloons and coloring leaflets as gifts. There is also a girl in the play area who does face painting for the children. Unfortunately I discovered all this while we were about to leave, so Robbie ended up with only the baloon. Maybe next time he will get to appreciate more of the fun stuff, this time he got absorbed as usual in stacking the little chairs in the play area.

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