A Great Holiday

The holiday with my folks was too short but we all had a good time. On the 27th of September we celebrated the birthday of my mom, a great woman to whom I owe my life and lots more.

I connected with a former co-worker and we telephoned many times. She sent some books and presents for Robert to my parents address.

I met again, one of my very classy and good-looking cousins, she is a few years older, but looks younger in her photos.  As always meeting with any of my beautiful well-presented cousins makes me self-conscious and insecure which is evident in this photo.

We got to do some limited sight-seeing.

We went for walks, taking in the beautiful autumnal landscapes

and the rain

We went shopping

On sunny days there was the playground.

with mom’s cousin Lara

and mom’s aunt (Robert’s great-aunt)

The most fun though happens when we find something in the sand

And Robert was always busy with Oma (as Oma was busy with him)

and his great-aunt kept him busy when he visited her

I just spent a wonderful time getting the love of my family and healing the wounds of my failed marriage. We talked, we gossiped, we argued and we made plans, most of which will perhaps never materialize, but still it was great to be part of a family again, even for a short while.

While I was away pieces of my life still came through to me via email.  I received occupational rental for the house, and some communications with the lawyer. I also got a new job assignment which I will have to start immediately on my arrival in Cape Town, and of course there is always the trouble of work and having to arrange for someone to look after Robert when I get back to work and before he attends day care on a regular basis.

While I was with my family, all these problems were set aside and they now loom larger than ever in front of me. But I am sure once I set foot in Cape Town I will be happy to be back.

The long journey was worth it.

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