I am getting good at playing my cards close to my chest. I am still waiting for a chance to tell Jackie that I am moving, and she still has no inkling that the Gonubie house has sold.

I do not feel a tiny bit guilty, as I have been subject to many intrigues in my life and I am not hurting anyone by cloaking my affairs in secrecy for now, awaiting final and confirmed outcomes. So far I have signed and faxed the purchase offer and things are proceeding fine although I had to deal again with infighting between real estate agents. The agent who had been sitting on the property for the past few months has come out of the woodwork and is now trying to sling mud at the junior agent who actually sold it for the benefit of another agency. I guess nothing much happens in that part of the world so they have to prolong such battles.

Another thing that I have been plotting secretly is leave during the last part of September and a few days of October. I am secretly hatching a plan to travel with Robert to Germany for my mom’s 60th Birthday. They are not supposed to know about this yet, since I have no idea how to make this thing work, with moving and setting up a new home, but at least the goal is there.

Today I finally got confirmation of my leave, which had been no small thing to accomplish since I have zero leave days this year. The planning department adjusted my schedule so that I can have two weeks off without taking leave, which was nice of them but took a lot of fighting from my side. So there, I have so many thing to look forward to once I leave this place.

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