Creative Timout

Two weeks ago I started crocheting a dress for Olivia, who was yet to be born. After almost finishing the dress I discovered that it was sitting too stiffly and was not the greatest piece. I unraveled the whole thing and started over with a larger hook, and crocheted a jacket this time. I always unravel stuff when I am not too happy about something, or when I spot a mistake that nobody else would notice. This time my aborted project was an imitation of my life. I am unraveling my marriage because it is obviously not working. The jacket turned out beautiful, more so because the wool was softened and stretched with unraveling. Perhaps this is what will happen to me sometime in the distant future.

I enjoyed working on the pink jacket so much, I knitted one more in variegated wool, Baby Milkyway which is a local brand. The wool is very soft, but perhaps more suited to knitting than crochet. My second jacket, this one for Kylie the newborn daughter of a colleague at work, turned out okay, but not as nice as the one crocheted in solid pink (double knitting yarn also a local brand). Too bad I do not have a picture of it.

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