Nine Weeks: Fuzz and Freckles

Last weekend was quite a busy one for all of us. On Saturday we went on that long tour of the churches and bookshops of Main Road, and on Sunday Ron had a movie shoot. Robert and I finished our breakfast rituals early, and since it was nice and sunny outside I decided to head out as well, and take advantage of the quiet early hours on Sunday. My initial plans were to walk on the promenade for a while and get the Sunday paper on my way back. But halfway towards the promenade I thought to phone my friend Jackie and see what she was doing, I haven’t heard from her for a while. Jackie was having breakfast with her boyfriend in one of the posh hotels on Beach Road, and she said she would phone me when she arrived home so we can have a short visit. My little walk lengthened into an expedition, that included window shopping, a stop at the deli for bagels, and a visit to Jackie and her houseful of friends. Jackie gave me some more clothes she bought for Robert, which I also added to my booty for the day. Robert and I headed back after a short time, but we were both reaching our physical and sensory limits by the time we made it home.

Jackie had last seen Robert when he was a newborn, and she commented on how big he was getting. She was concerned that the 0-3 months clothes she bought for him would not longer fit. And in addition to the developments I noted for his two months birthday, Robert’s appearance is also changing, his head is now covered with the soft fuzz of what is likely to become very light brown or dark blond hair. Ron hopes he will get a full head of thick hair like his mom, and I would like him to have his dad’s hair colour. His eyes are still a dark shade of blue, and they will hopefully stay that way, or lighten into the clear blue of his father’s eyes, rather than the muddy grey of his mom’s. His skin is neither too fair nor too sensitive, this is very good, because it means that he can handle the fierce southern sun, and he hasn’t suffered from nappy rash to date. It would have been nice if he was allowed to keep the perfect tone and smoothness of his skin, but he already has his first blemish, a dark freckle or mole on his left thigh. It first appeared a few weeks back, and is now a little bigger, so it seems he will be inheriting the freckled skin from my side of the family.

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