Seven Weeks: Sunny Days Come at a Price

The sunny weather has been holding since the weekend, and it beckons us to get out of the cold flat. At this time of year it is so much warmer outside in the sun.

Last Saturday we managed to get out to the V&A Waterfront. When we arrived there in the early afternoon, the place was busy with tourists and locals. A group of singers from the Cape Town Opera was performing in the amphitheatre, and there were many street artists performing their acts: rope jumpers, African singers, marimba musicians, traditional and gumboot dancers among many others. Despite the considerable noise level, Robert slept soundly in the carrier, and we were able to enjoy the sun and breeze outside, as we walked around the harbour, looking at the boats, the seals and simply enjoying the happy vibe. We timed our outing to last two hours right after a feed, and therefore arrived home in good time and before Robert started to fuss with hunger, thirst or over-excitement.

Today was another sunny and breezy day, and I felt antsy to get out. I felt like doing some window shopping on Main Road in Sea Point, so I strapped up baby in the carrier and we went out on what turned out to be a very long walk. I browsed baby books at the book shop, stopped at the supermarket, and then again to chat with Jackie’s mother whom I met outside her hairdresser’s. Robert and I arrived back home two hours later.

During the late afternoon, I received my payback for this quiet and enjoyable outing. Robert’s witching hour extended past nine, and in the end Ron advised me to put him down in his crib and let him cry himself to sleep; he was obviously over-tired. I still find it very hard to leave the baby crying, but after feeding and changing and spending a couple of hours singing and rocking, I have in fact done all I can for him. When I finally steeled myself into leaving him be, he cried for some time, then gradually calmed down and settled to sleep for the night.