Robert the South African

At two weeks we are starting to have some good times with Robert. We had breakfast before he woke up, and after he fed we took him shopping in the baby carrier. He was asleep the whole time.
Ron went to gym while I had a quiet time doing more paperwork, and catching up on blog and email. Robert’s birth certificate arrived in the mail today; it is the standard (free) birth certificate, which does not contain much information. It only shows ID number, date of birth and name(s). The full birth certificate which contains the names of the parents takes longer to issue – about six weeks we were told- and this is the one that Robert needs in order to register as a Canadian citizen at the embassy.

We had a special dinner tonight of the lamb chops we bought at the store today, and jasmine rice. The routine of feeding every three hours or so was maintained at night. I normally change baby’s diaper at every night feeding to avoid accidents; this is absolutely non-negotiable in this cold weather. On two occasions I forgot these nightly changes, and both times Robert got himself soaking wet afterwards. While changing his diaper early this morning I noticed that his cord stump has fallen off.

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