One Month

Time has flown, but we have come a long way already with Robert. At one month he now has his cot permanently in the second bedroom, but it took me a couple of days to got used to the new arrangement. On Tuesday Ron had to move the cot back and forth between rooms a few times, and in the first few days, Ron woke up first to baby’s cries and had to nudge me awake to feed him. Now, I am more sensitive to the crying and I wake up first. This was helped a little by the fact that Ron started to use cotton wool to plug his ears at night.

The inevitable routine for nightly feeding hasn’t changed much since Robert was born, but he has changed a lot in one month. His face has become round and chubby, and his body has filled. He now feels less fragile and more robust, and has already outgrown the newborn outfits we bought for him. He is also becoming more alert and aware of his surroundings: He reacts to noises, looks around at pictures on the wall, and I believe that some of his smiles are now real social smiles, and not mere reflexes.
On the flipside of this increased responsiveness, Robert is also becoming a challenging baby. When he was a newborn he just fed and slept, now he has his ‘up time’ and his grumpy time. I still refuse to classify him as colicky, but Ron thinks he definitely has colic episodes. According to my book, colic is defined by the rule of three: Crying fits that start around the third week, last for at least three hours and recur at least three times a week. I still don’t think this applies to Robert.