Remembering A Friend


My young sister all full of faith, dreams, and love.

Today you departed this world, too soon. Your too short life, snuffed out in a moment.

You left us with too many questions.
To whom have you left your little child, still crying for your breast milk?
How could you leave your inconsolable husband with whom your happiness was just about to unfold?
Your mother and sisters who depended on you?
What about us, your friends? Why did you leave us?

I remember your tender caring. I remember your tireless efforts in helping the needy and grieving of your community. I remember the collections you made for the sorrows of others.
Now they will grieve for you. How is that possible, when you had so much to live for?

The last time we spoke, you were on the crest of your future. You have almost realized your dreams. There was a baby to look forward to, and soon a home to build with its father.
Ironically today in one breath of desperate news – I heard of the baby, the marriage and your passing.

What murdered the sweet gentle girl, who spoke so softly of love? Whose faith shone from the depth of her heart? What happened? What took you from us so soon?
Was it those murderous headaches you always complained about? Was your untimely death ticking away somewhere in the recesses of your skull – waiting to snatch you?
Were you ill? Was it a violent accident that nobody is talking about?
Were you in pain?

All I know is that I lost a sister. We once hugged, shared jokes, and work burdens.
I listened to your dreams and your prayers.

Your place in church will be empty this Sunday, your friends will pray alone; God has chosen you away from us.
Now there is only the cold comfort of resignation; we will console ourselves; you are on the side of the angels, you were too gentle and good for this cruel world anyway.
We will accept your passing – but we will never understand.

Farewell my beautiful sister. I pray that you have found the warm light of peace you were rushing for. I hope you can look down on us and smile.
I hope that your fleeting visit to the world has given you some happiness, because you gave us plenty of joy and love.
I will always remember you.

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