Man’s Legacy of Destruction

There are six anti-aircraft towers in Vienna. I can see two of them from my apartment. At close proximity they are imposing, grey and ugly. Two geometrically shaped, fat middle fingers gestured at the sky and the peaceful creation nearby, a crass reminder of the destruction of man, and an antithesis to everything the city … Continue reading Man’s Legacy of Destruction

Don’t Grasp …

The parting gift of 2021 for me was a little bit of wisdom and understanding. It did not come to me cheaply or quickly, but I still believe it arrived on time. Intellectually, and from my pervious dabbling with mindfulness mediation, I already understand that life is only the present. Yesterdays are gone, and the … Continue reading Don’t Grasp …

The Test and Lessons of Time

There is no going back on some things you do, and no recovery of some pieces you give from yourself. Some people have deep pockets and shallow hearts. They give their word today and forget it tomorrow. They give their hearts forever, but that “forever” turns out to be just a day or a year. … Continue reading The Test and Lessons of Time

Diamonds and Frost

Sometimes, the pain of your soul will reveal, where your heart truly dwells. Sometimes, I welcome the pain. when it means I’m alive, that my heart still beats, With something beyond it’s mechanics of survival, the rush of life’s blood, and the rhythm of breathing. Sometimes, it’s good to wake up with a memory of … Continue reading Diamonds and Frost

I Wish You Knew

I would like to call you sometime. To tell you that you visited me in a dream, after a long absence. I would mention perhaps that we kissed, in the dream. I tasted your lips that remained forbidden to me in my waking life. I would like to tell you that I am struggling to … Continue reading I Wish You Knew

The Shape of My Heart

It is early morning in a smallish European capital that is laden with history, both for me and my family and for humanity. I am trying to make this city my home for the second time. Although the person who walked here over 30 years ago could have been a stranger, someone I heard about … Continue reading The Shape of My Heart

When I Loved..

I was a better human, I floated on silver wings and saluted the sun. Never worried who called or texted first, Reached out to those who have forgotten me. My sorrow turned to joy, in a heart consumed by fire, And the fire lit and enlightened my soul. When I loved, the universe made sense, … Continue reading When I Loved..


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