When I Loved..

I was a better human, 
I floated on silver wings and saluted the sun.

Never worried who called or texted first, 
Reached out to those who have forgotten me. 

My sorrow turned to joy, in a heart consumed by fire, 
And the fire lit and enlightened my soul.

When I loved, the universe made sense, 
I knew my own spirit, and yours, 
I was one with humanity, its joy and pain. 

On the morning I stopped believing, 
My wings burned to ashes, my heart stopped expanding, 
settled back in my mortal chest.

My pain constricted
to the size of a single human, 
but so did my once boundless joy.

Now I go to sleep with the small sorrows of  living, 
And rise to diminished potential, 
once a carrier of light, now a fallen angel.

And I still question, the half-remembered dream, 
where I danced with the spirits, and almost touched the divine

When I was fully alive.