Hard to Catch up with Time Speeding By

The first month of they year is more than half gone and “compliments of the season” is getting really old and ratty. I think it is time to can the phrase until next year.

I took Robert to daycare for his first almost full day today. He had the usual crying episode when I left him with the class assistant but he was quite cheerful when I came to fetch him at three. The teachers and assistant love him and keep reassuring me that he is very good during the day and never cries after the initial morning distress, which does not usually last very long.

When I arrived  he was at the gate of the school with Sharon, one of the other nursery teachers. He was making her open and close the gate, his favourite game,  of course. But it was such a pleasure to see his little face light up when I came. As I carried him to the taxi he kept pointing at me and saying : Mummy.. Mummy, and giving me hugs, it was so sweet.

No matter how cute and sweet, the road home is a long one in the heat, and especially carrying an unwilling baby who -praise be to god- is starting to feel a bit weighty, so we both arrived sweaty and tired, and I had no energy to take him out again.  Robert must have been tired as well because he was asleep by seven thirty which is very early for him.

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