First Taste of Solids

Again I am running late on updating with Robert. I will restart my retro-active blogging tomorrow. However, today we need to mark the occasion of our first encounter with rice cereal.

Robert was seated on top of our oak dining table, in his Bumbo seat of course, and opened his mouth nicely for the little spoonfuls of cereal. The whole meal was about a teaspoon of runny rice cereal thinned with breast milk. He still needs practice though, the cereal gets into his mouth, but he doesn’t know what to do with it, he needs to figure out the act of swallowing as opposed to sucking. Some things definitely point out his readiness for this new taste; the tongue reflex is no longer present, and he seemed interested in the experience. I will keep up with a small daily dose of the cereal, so that he can take one full meal by the time I get back to work.