What We Can Do at Four Months

Oh yes, we are looking quite perky at four months.

See? I can hold things with my RIGHT hands.

In fact, I can grab with both hands. My hand-eye coordination is steadily improving. Mom and dad have even witnessed some great achievements such as moving an object from one hand to the other!

I love playing in the pay-gym, grabbing and rattling these colourful hanging toys.

My attention can be diverted quickly even while playing, and especially during feeding.

Everything goes quickly into my mouth.

And I mean everything including the strap of mom’s camera-phone.

Some stories that weren’t told in these pictures:

A marked decrease in the number of meals. Robert’s stomach is obviously getting bigger, and he eats more at each meal, which makes him require less feeding. Another thing, is also the increase in the frequency of dirty nappies. Sometimes we go on for two to three days without any. However, when it finally happens we do require a full bath !

Baby is able to play alone now. He keeps himself amused for some time in the morning and in the afternoon on the jungle gym. Sometimes he is just happy to watch the reflections of light and shadow on the walls and the ceiling, gives us a break for breakfast and lunch most of the time.

Rolling over is an established routine while playing with dad, it is getting to be more natural. On some occasion Robert also falls to sleep on his side, and then rolls onto his back again during sleep.

Likes listening and has an extended repertoire of noises. He screeches, babbles and laughs, the latter is still a little rare though. Most of the time he laughs with delight during an activity. He is not ticklish, and has to be tickled vigorously before he reacts with laughter.