The Past and the Future

On Saturday, dad got to ‘wear’ Robert in the carrier. Today it was my turn again, as we took him to the V&A Waterfront. This outing is our favourite because it is very close to our flat, and it takes 10 minutes to get there. It is about the only outing that we can decide to go on spontaneously and without too much planning.

The tourist season is definetely underway, becasue the mall and our usual parking lot were full even on this Tuesday. Of course, the sunny weather also helps, and there were as many tourists enjoying it outside as shoppers inside. Ron and I preferred to walk our usual circuit around the water. Ron was the cameraman this time, while I was the reluctant model. It is funny that whoever has the camera displays much more enthusiams for photos, while the other feels them unnecessary. This time, it was my turn to say: “Enough of these silly photographing”.
But before I finally said that, Robert and I had our pictures taken in front of the Victoria and Alfter Hotel, then next to a trimaran that sailed around the world in record time; and also in front of the seal guarding the entrance of the Table Bay Hotel. One photo had to be reserved to Nelson Mandela and the rest of the Noble Laureates ( FW De Clerk, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Albert Lithuli). I was posing for Ron’s photo, while a German tourist was also aiming his camera in the same direction. I asked the gentleman whether I should move, but he had already taken his photo. He said: “No problem. You and the baby are already in the photo; It is nicer this way: The past -and he pointed at the statues- and the future”. I thought it was a very nice thing to say.