Mother’s Day and other Stories

Yesterday was mother’s day in this part of the world, and the weather was truly magical. We had sunshine and clear skies and a temperature of 28 degrees. On days like this it is hard to imagine living anywhere other than the beautiful Cape.

Robert went to the beach with his father in the morning, and later in the afternoon we went for a walk on the promenade and to the playground. At the playground he played on the swing for some time which is his favourite, then he insisted on going up the slide. Now this is not the little baby slide but something that goes up for about 2 meters, and my heart was up in my mouth every time he went up there. The playground was full so I could not really follow him up there, and I had to give him instructions to put both his legs forward as he sat ready to slide. Somehow he got it, but he is a careful little fellow always breaking with his foot against the sides of the slide, so it was not a very fast ride once he launched himself down. I was able to stand the suspense for three horrifying climbs and rides on the slide before I called the game off.

Looking after a little child gets easier and harder as the days go by. Now he runs ahead of me in the park and on the promenade and I have to be on the alert every single second, prepared for surprising actions. I can only relax when he is safely strapped into his stroller.

I had planned to go with Robert to a Mother’s Day lunch at the Aquarium, but I thought it was too much excitement for him after the beach. Yesterday we spent the day at home, and played in the garden, but it was a bad decision in retrospect because my little one missed his nap and got very rambunctious, throwing things around in our little flat, and basically getting on my nerves.  He went to sleep at around seven but by then I was also exhausted. The only treat I got for mother’s day was a little present and card from Robert’s playschool.  It was a heart-shaped pendant in a dainty little bag along with a handmade card. The teachers and the children contributed in making cards for each mom with beads glued on them. When Robert got hold of the card he managed to take off most the colourful beads, before I could caputre the present in a photo.

Happy Mother’s Day

I would like to think that my first mother’s day present from Robert was his first pair of teeth. He will now get a little break from teething pain, and I have a rest for a while from washing poopy mattresses. I would have loved to spend the day with my little boy, but unfortunately I had to work, which meant that I had to face Robert’s dad. The experience is rarely pleasant as we tend to argue whenever we meet.

I am still troubled, but the sadness is lifting slowly and giving way to hope. Yesterday I called my computer expert and next week Jackie will help take the computer to him. I am hoping for some good news then; maybe my photos will not be lost after all.

I received many greetings for mother’s day from friends. A duty managed declared that he sympathized with me for working on my first mother’s day. The hardest thing to face however was a greeting card from my mom, where she congratulated me (us) on being a family. It made my anger against Ron erupt again. In my mind he is still responsible for this breakup and because of him I had to write a long and sad letter to my mom. In the meantime I tried to prepare my parents for the bad news.

With all this happening, I am a little bit in a reflective mood today. The blogs I read were full of Mother’s Day anecdotes, and they helped me -again- appreciate the blessings of motherhood. I liked this blog post from The Keyboard Biologist Knits. This mother’s experience resonated with me and made me smile:

This year will be my first “real” Mother’s Day. Last year, I was about 7 months pregnant and waiting for the arrival of the baby that I had worried would never be a part of my life. Although I was…View Original Article

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