11 Months

Robert’s eleventh month has passed by in a state of chaos. Our life at Jackie’s is not perfect and we are struggling within the rules and the limited space.  As Robert grows more mobile, I find that he needs more and more observation and Jackie’s place is perhaps the most child unfriendly space I have encountered so far. At the end of the day I am exhausted by the constantly repeated NO, NO, NO. Financially we can barely afford even Jackie’s place, and my hopes are now on selling the house in Gonubie. The auction is on the 31st and I am hoping for the best.

To mark his eleven months birthday, Robert got a ride today in a supermarket trolley at the Fruit and Veg city in town. As it is clear on the picture, he is not impressed, but soon enough his intimidation of the new surrounds vanished and he started pulling himself up in the trolley. I was glad that we were getting ready to leave by then.  On our way back Jackie took us to a little farm which is located very close to town.  There were chickens, goats and a few pigs running around. I thought it would be nice to show Robert one of the pigs, so we approached a black one and started to examine its coarse hairs. I must have picked one in a bad mood, because the beast grunted and attacked my ankle. I hobbled in pain towards the car to find Jackie hooting with laughter at my predicament. She said that she thought I would drop Robert. In fact I was actually relieved that the animal bit me and not Robert. The casualties : My tan pants were filthy but not permanently damaged and I had a scrape where the animal’s teeth bit on my ankle. I was shocked but otherwise fine. However the episode left me with a little bit of insecurity regarding the state of my luck at this point in time.

Kak Day?

In light of the ongoing developments in our life, it is a fitting title.
I planned that Miriam will babysit today while Ron and I were out attending to the legal issues pertaining to out impending divorce. The good woman, however, dropped me late last night saying that she had misunderstood the day. Of course this is not true. I think she has found another job and I will be surprised if I hear from her again.

Jackie was the emergency babysitter for the day. We dropped Robert at her house and went into town. The meeting was less stressful than I expected, and relatively painless considering the circumstances. After we finished, Ron dropped me unceremoniously at Jackie’s and left me there. I was so hungry and agitated, so we went out for an impromptu lunch. Robert kept us company in his pram while we enjoyed smoothies and wraps. I gave him some sips of the smoothie with a straw, and he enjoyed that immensely. We had just finished with our lunch when Robert delivered the package of the day. Unfortunately his diapers were already wet and could not absorb the stinky mess, and it leaked out, green and wet down his legs.

Jackie got me some additional napkins while I tried to stem the flow with our unused paper towels. Fortunately we were only a few blocks away from her house and we rushed home after covering baby’s diaper and the offensive leak with a blanket. Halfway home the funny side of the situation kicked in and we laughed all the way to her front yard. Jackie suggested that we hose Robert’s sticky butt right there on the front lawn. It was a good suggestion, and the little one enjoyed it. What followed was a meticulous routine of cleaning and disinfecting the pram, soaking blanket and clothes, and generally getting things back in order.

No pictures of the incident are available.