Alive and Well…Busy

One day I will be able to devote time every day to my blog. One day I will sit to write down all the crazy thoughts that go through my mind and every single amazing thing that my boy is teaching me about life and love, but for now I will have to make my very infrequent readers settle for a smattering of posts whenver I can steal time from another urgent assigment (or one that looks like it will be running late.. like this one).

I have accomplished one more step towards my day of salvation when I succeeded in getting a helping hand for domestic work.  For South Africa this is really normal, not a luxury at all, but for me well, I am not sure. For one thing,  it seems to me very rude to make someone clean up your bathroom, and at the same time it is also giving up privacy. This is perhaps why a day before Vee came to work for me I had a dream of a maid coming into the flat then walking into the bedroom on me while I was engaged in an intimate act with … ah well stupid me, the ex husband – who else.

Vee will be the first one to know if I ever have a boyfriend, but of course the likelihood of this happening is pretty remote. Unfortunately even my subconcious knows this as it only puts the ex in my bed.  In reality he would be there only if he were the last man alive on earth, and even then, maybe not, thank you very much.  In any case, the dream was about Vee, not about my love life (or the lack thereof). I am definetely giving a stranger an intimate picture of my life, the colour of my underwear, the leftovers in my fridge, the tatty furniture,  my son’s broken toys, and the coffee stains I am too lazy to scrub out of my mug.  Still, it is great that I do not have to spend my free time on collecting dust balls and do something else instead and for that I am grateful.

On the homefront we are alive and well. I am busy again, and busy is good, especially given my plans to stop working at the day job sometime in the near future. I have a deadline next Friday, and then another by the end of the month. So who knows when I will be writing here again, and if I do it is probably going to be a whimsical post like this one.

But I do have many things to talk about and to think about. I am taking notes, and I will fill in the gaps at a later stage.  Yes, I know I said that before.